Sally Yea

Sally Yea, Sales Representative

Speaks: English, Korean



Meet Sally Yea, a dynamic professional with a multifaceted journey that blends scientific acumen with entrepreneurial flair. Armed with a biochemistry degree, Sally ventured into the culinary world, establishing and successfully operating a restaurant for six years. Under Sally's astute management, the establishment witnessed a remarkable 300% increase in revenue, showcasing not only culinary prowess but also business savvy.

Eager to broaden horizons, Sally pursued postgraduate studies in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and quality assurance, delving into the intricacies of compliance and standards. This knowledge paved the way for a role as a project manager in a naturopath and cosmetic company, where Sally orchestrated successful initiatives at the intersection of science and consumer wellness.

Switching gears to the corporate realm, Sally took on the challenges of B2B sales and marketing, eventually assuming a leadership role, managing a dynamic team of over 20 professionals. The ability to navigate diverse industries and lead with strategic vision became second nature.

Currently thriving as a pre-construction realtor, Sally brings a unique blend of analytical thinking, project management finesse, and marketing expertise to the real estate arena. Recently recognized for the Ace of Initiatives, Sally demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring clients benefit not only from a wealth of industry knowledge but also from a proactive and innovative approach to real estate ventures.